Altana Atlas for


Multi-Tier Product Traceability

Trace the flows of goods from raw materials through finished products across complex global supply chains.

  • Trace product value chains from from inputs to outputs
  • Reveal facility-to-facility shipment linkages
  • Map your bill of materials upstream
  • Follow the flows of products around the world

    Find and follow product flows in and across languages, brand names, and synonyms

  • Trace your products all the way back to the soil

    Reverse engineer the bill of materials of your goods to trace your value chain upstream

  • Map the footprint of production

    Know the true physical locations of every step in your value chain - and not just the identities of suppliers

ESG Mapping and Reporting

Generate a 360° view of sustainability on a canonical map of your supply chain.

  • Fuse ESG data into a single, unified view
  • Situate ESG data on your supply chain
  • Generate supply chain ESG reports for investors and consumers
  • See the full picture

    Bring together all of your supply chain sustainability information on top of a living map of your supply chain

  • Target and mitigate problems beyond your direct suppliers

    Get ahead of risks to your brand, reputation, and customers by seeing all the way upstream to where your products come from

  • Build trust with your investors and customers

    Credibly report on your sustainability performance to build trust that your business is making a positive world impact