Connect to the Only Dynamic, Intelligent, Universal Map of the Global Supply Chain

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Master your value chains through unprecedented visibility, AI-powered insights that help you focus on what matters most, and collaborative workflows to take action across your extended supplier and customer networks.

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The Altana Value Chain Management System

Manage Compliance, Carbon, Procurement, Insurance, and More From a Shared Source of Truth

Altana applies AI to a vast network of public and private data — the largest, organized body of supply chain data in the world — to help customers see global value chains, focus on critical business needs, and act collaboratively to manage them.


A Future-Proof, One-Stop Shop For Global Compliance

Governments are increasingly holding businesses accountable for indirect activity across global supply chains and distribution networks, no matter how distant from their direct suppliers and customers. From sanctions, to carbon emissions, to labor rights, and more, value chain compliance is the new license to do business across borders.

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Highlighted Solutions

  • Forced Labor

  • Sanctions and Export Controls

  • Carbon

  • Global Trade Management

Sourcing & Procurement

From Managing Supply Chains to Mastering Value Chains

Mastering value chain networks requires information sharing, collaboration, and planning beyond direct buyer and supplier relationships. Altana connects data, users, and organizations across silos so you can build resilient global value chains.

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Highlighted Solutions

  • Market Intelligence

  • Value Chain Design

  • Supplier Discovery and Qualification

  • Value Chain Monitoring and Collaboration


Confidently Underwrite Insurance and Transfer Risk

For the first time ever, supply chain risks can confidently be assessed and underwritten through Altana. From individual shipments, to global cargo networks and supply chain business interruptions, it is now possible to price, underwrite, and transfer supply chain risks.

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Highlighted Solutions

  • Marine Cargo Underwriting

  • Supply Chain Business Interruption

  • Network Benchmarking

  • Portfolio Accumulations

Features at a Glance

Why government agencies, logistics and financial service providers, and enterprises choose Altana

  • The world's only dynamic, multi-tier supply chain visibility

  • High-resolution, high-fidelity, shipment-level value chain networks

  • Annotation, documentation, and verification of value chains

  • Unified intelligence across sustainability, compliance, security, resilience, and procurement

  • Decision support and automation through applied AI

  • Network monitoring and event alerting

  • Internal and external collaboration

  • Reporting