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Trade connects cultures, feeds families, and fuels economies. Global trade is vital, yet it isn’t working well. There are trillions of dollars in illicit trade each year. Companies cannot access financing and trade partners. Inefficiencies slow the movement of legal goods across borders. To improve trade, we must deeply understand the global trade network.

Through a shared artificial intelligence platform, Altana helps regulators, businesses, financial service providers, and logistics providers learn from global economic data to realize better trade.

Our Approach

  • Model The Global Trade Network

    Knowledge graph construction through natural language processing, spatial statistics, and machine learning.

  • Enrich Client Data With Our Data Model

    Secure, privacy-preserving data fusion in client-appointed systems.

  • Provide Real-Time Decision Support Through Artificial Intelligence

    Insight generation and automation through machine learning and network analysis.

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  • $7 tr+ Global Trade Flows
  • 300m+ Companies
  • 1.5 bn+ Transactions
  • 1 knowledge graph

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

  • Regulators

    Altana helps government agencies see across the global trade network to secure and streamline their borders. Our technology empowers regulators to facilitate legal trade, collect tariff revenues, and target known and unknown risks.

  • Financial Services Providers

    Altana partners with financial service providers to manage trade finance and insurance risk with insights from the world’s most comprehensive model of global trade. Using our technology, financial service providers connect to and learn from data that is otherwise inaccessible, disconnected, and disorganized.

  • Logistics Providers

    Altana structures and enriches data for logistics providers in order to create a clear picture of their operations within the global trade network. With a high-fidelity and real-time model of global trade, we help to manage risk, ensure regulatory compliance, and streamline operations.

  • Global Enterprises

    Altana helps enterprises employ data from within and beyond the walls of their organization to proactively manage supply chain risks. Together, we target counterfeiting, gray market activity, forced labor, and environmental harm in the global supply chain.

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