Supply Chain Insurance

The Shared Source of Truth on Supply Chain Risk for Buyers, Brokers, and Underwriters

Insurance BuyersInsurance Buyers

Insurance Buyers

Measure, Manage, and Offset Supply Chain Business Interruption Risks

Highlighted Features

  • Understand granular supply chain business interruption risk at multi-tier levels

  • Mitigate risk operationally with AI-powered decision support

  • Make deeply informed decisions on supply chain risk transfer


Revolutionize Supply Chain Risk Solutions With The Atlas

  • 01

    Power comprehensive risk advisory services with a thorough understanding of each client's supply chain risk profile

  • 02

    Improve risk transfer placement outcomes

  • 03

    Develop new products around supply chain risk transfer


Stop Guessing; Start Underwriting

  • 01

    Understand and quantify supply chain portfolio risk

  • 02

    Technically underwrite contingent business interruption risks

  • 03

    Offer new risk transfer solutions around supply chain disruptions

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