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Altana delivers visibility and insights that are only possible through its unique federated learning architecture, creating a global network of supply chain intelligence across the public and private sectors. This architecture allows customers to build trust by sharing intelligence without ever sharing their underlying data.

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See How It Works

Until now, it was impossible to know, let alone manage, the origin of raw materials, supplier connections, and intermediate processing of goods across the vast physical economy as they make their way to your business. Altana has changed all that — now, you can connect to Altana to reveal your value chain connections, then verify and document them through our platform to establish your source of truth.

Altana Features

  • Unprecedented supply chain visibility across the world's largest supply chain data network

  • Value chain-level clarity, verification, and documentation

  • Dynamically updating, massively scalable

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Altana is not a point solution. It is a unified system for value chain management that powers multiple business areas with AI-powered insights and decision support.

Tailored insights

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  • Market Intelligence

    Research market, industry, and product insights across the global supply chain.

  • Supplier & Customer Discovery and Qualification

    Find new business partners. Be discoverable and well-represented for new business.

  • Value Chain Design

    Design and simulate full value chains before you buy or sell.

  • Task Automation

    Automate routine supply chain and compliance functions by connecting your data, systems, and counterparties into AI-driven workflows.

  • Value Chain Monitoring and Risk Management

    Manage exposures, changes, and events across your network while maintaining trust and transparency with counterparties.

  • Value Chain Collaboration

    Join and collaborate across trusted value chain networks.

  • Reporting

    Automate the reporting of your value chains from one source of truth for certification, auditing, compliance, and insurance coverage.

  • Build on Altana

    Power your own applications, AI models, and services offerings by building on Altana.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Altana's Value Chain Management System

  • A value chain is the entire lifecycle of a product — from the sourcing and production of raw materials, through intermediate goods and final assembly, to sale and end use. It also includes the financing, insurance, and logistics along the way. Until Altana, there was was no way to know, connect, or manage across these extended, global, multi-tier networks. Value chain management is the process of revealing, verifying, collaborating across, and managing your global, multi-tier value chains. Until Altana, there was no way to know, connect, or manage across these extended, global, multi-tier networks. Through our value chain management system, you can have the control, reliability, and coordination of vertical integration without needing to own the entire value chain. The financial logic of outsourcing and specialization can coexist with the operational logic of vertical integration. Consumers and shareholders can trust that businesses are insulated from shocks, and reflect their values. We can preserve the benefits of globalization while addressing its side effects and unintended consequences. Over time, value chain management achieves "virtual vertical integration."

  • Government action, climate change, and supply chain shocks (from geopolitics to Covid) are driving a new paradigm where businesses must know and manage what happens across their value chains. A wave of regulations that effectively require value chain management — from the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, to the EU Corporate Social Responsibility Directive, and more — are compelling the private sector to gain value chain visibility and ensure compliance across a number of environmental, labor rights, and national security dimensions. The global effort to reduce carbon emissions to net-zero by 2050 — affecting everything from stock prices to the cost of insurance — requires reporting and reducing the "Scope 3" carbon emissions that can only be revealed through value chains. And the Covid-related supply chain shocks revealed the fragility of just-in-time supply chains, and the imperative of resilience to disruptions. All of these mega-trends require a refactoring of global commerce around visible, collaborative, rules-based value chain networks.

  • Altana creates a common operating picture of the world's interconnected supply chains across governments, logistics providers, financial services companies, and other businesses by applying AI across their data and rendering a dynamic, comprehensive view of the global supply chain through a shared knowledge graph. Our unique federated data and machine learning architecture, which incorporates open source and commercially available data, makes this all possible while ensuring that every customer maintains sovereignty over their own data and keeps it isolated, private, and secure.

    Through our Value Chain Management System, we are uniquely able to 1) situate your data inside of this common operating picture, to reveal, verify, and document your value chains; 2) overlay insights and AI across a number of domains in order to inform action across multiple use cases; and, 3) provide you with collaboration tools and workflows to take action on your value chains.

  • The Altana platform is built on the only dynamic, intelligent, universal map of the global supply chain. We connect and organize the world's largest supply chain data network, providing a dynamic view of 530 million companies and their ownership networks, connected by 3 billion shipments across 130 million distinct supply chain linkages, and growing. More than half of this supply chain visibility comes from our first-party, proprietary data network; in other words, Altana's knowledge graph is at least twice as rich as all of our competitors, who can only provide publicly available data.

  • Altana has pioneered a unique, federated, "hub and spoke" architecture for processing customer data. Rather than pooling customer data in a central location, we bring a copy of the platform to customer data in an isolated "spoke." Continuous updates of data, software, and AI from the "hub" are fed down to every "spoke," while certain derived learnings from customer data are shared and combined in the hub. These include supply chain linkages, analytics, and AI. The result is a network where all parties are contributing to and accessing supply chain visibility and intelligence, while protecting their underlying data.

    No customer data ever leaves their secure, private copy of Altana. Nothing Altana renders is attributable to any underlying customer. This architecture satisfies GDPR and other data sovereignty requirements, and is trusted by the world's largest and most important governments, enterprises, logistics providers, and financial service providers that work with Altana.

  • We use a combination of AI and user-led refinement and verification to tailor your worldview in Altana to only the relevant, high-fidelity product value chain relationships that connect to your business. We start with your data: suppliers, customers, products and their bills of materials, and shipments. You upload this data to your private deployment of Altana, where we clean, deduplicate and enrich it to provide you an integrated view of your full value chain ecosystem. Through specialized AI and user verification of value chains, we ensure clean, relevant, and complete network visibility.

    Altana also integrates your internal information into this multi-tier global view to add context and make it actionable. For instance, we often integrate customers' data and concepts like material categories, product families, spend data, revenue data, supplier rankings, and more into their Altana system of record. We also integrate and overlay third party data and analytics sourced by each customer, including ESG ratings, cyber risk, and financial data. The result is an integrated worldview of how your organization connects to a dynamic network of external value chain relationships, with the insight and context that matters to you.

  • Artificial intelligence is employed at every step and layer of Altana's Value Chain Management System. We employ artificial intelligence to ingest, clean, normalize, de-duplicate, match and link your data. AI systems then predict global, multi-tier value chain networks associated with your data from the billions of connections in our knowledge graph.

    AI is then used to search, make recommendations, automate tasks, and generate reporting. We use a range of AI systems in concert to get users to answers, insights, and completed work.

  • Altana is the only Value Chain Management System, enabling customers to take action and complete work on their global value chains. Through features like internal and external collaboration, triage, task automation, and reporting, we provide organizations with the ability to take a range of actions on their value chains across compliance, sourcing and procurement, and underwriting workflows.

  • We tend to compete with companies that offer "supply chain mapping" through surveys and/or by crunching customer data with public data, for various compliance, sustainability, or risk management use cases. These competitors produce static data artifacts with poor visibilty and fidelity, no interoperability with other users, and no ability to "take action" on the data and analytics to actually complete workflows.

    Only Altana provides dynamic, verifiable, documentable visibility from the world's largest supply chain data corpus. Only Altana provides decision support and automation across multiple use cases from a value chain system of record. Only Altana provides collaborative workflows to enable you to take action and manage your value chains.

  • Customers can get to work in Altana within minutes of receiving your data in many cases, but always within a few days. AI handles the cleaning, matching, and enrichment of your data, and then you configure Altana to meet your goals and use cases.

  • Pricing varies depending on scale and use cases. If you’re interested in learning how Altana might be used by your organization, you can reach out here and we’ll get back to you with more information.