Altana Atlas for

Supply Chain

Multi-Tier Value Chain Visibility

Connect to a living, 360° view of your extended global supply chain network

Clean, de-duplicate, and enrich your supply chain master data

Illuminate tier 2, tier 3 and n-tier suppliers for each product value chain

Your network view evolves as the supply chain network evolves

  • Consolidate and clean your data

    Gain a clean, unified, enriched, and geo-located view of all of your supply chain data in one source of truth

  • Illuminate your network

    Trace your value chains upstream and see how your products are transformed from raw materials, to intermediates, to your finished goods at every facility through the supply chain.

  • No more surveys or static maps

    The Atlas provides a pre-populated, dynamic view of your multi-tier network that is constantly evolving.

Risk, ESG, and Resilience Decision Support

Artificial intelligence and trusted third party analytics come together in a unified view to provide insight and decision support that is tailored to your supply chain.

Surfaces concentrations, interdependencies, single points of failure, and supply disruptions in your extended network

Layers third party risk analytics onto your network

Situates ESG information on your product value chains

  • Get ahead of business interruption risks

    Manage risk proactively by seeing deep into your multi-tier supply chain network and anticipating future disruptions

  • Gain a unified view of risks

    No more logging into multiple applications and internal spreadsheets: Altana unifies all of your supply chain risk analytics onto a single source of truth

  • Measure and report on your ESG performance

    Build a bottoms-up view of your global ESG footprint, including Scope 3 emissions, by layering ESG data onto your living supply chain network.

Build Trusted Supply Chain Networks

Connect, collaborate, plan, and coordinate with your extended supply chain network from a shared source of truth

Share tailored supply chain “workspaces” with internal and external stakeholders

Collaborate internally and externally from a shared source of truth

Collect and verify information from your extended supply chain network

  • Break down communication barriers

    Connect through the Atlas to your tier-n supplier relationships

  • Fill in the gaps

    Validate, edit, and collect information from your upstream network to build trust, support compliance initiatives, and improve visibility

  • Collaborate and build trust with your extended supply chain

    Achieve “virtual vertical integration” by coordinating production across the entire value chains