Altana Atlas for

Security & Compliance

Illicit Network Analysis and Targeting

Altana powers threat network analysis and AI targeting across a dynamic model of the global supply chain and business network.

Automatically integrates threat lists into the knowledge graph to map the supply chain and ownership networks of investigation targets

Search, graph analysis, and network analysis tools isolate networks of interest

Artificial intelligence targets illicit and anomalous activity

  • Accelerate investigations

    Reduce investigative timelines through automated entity resolution, graph analysis, and network selection across a unified knowledge graph of data.

  • Build networks across languages and geographies

    Multi-lingual search and cross-language entity resolution power investigations across jurisdictions

  • Find new leads through targeting

    Generate high-confidence leads for further investigation through artificial intelligence learning from known-bad activity and anomalous behavior across global business networks

Restricted Entity and Shipment Screening

Automatically screen entities and shipments of all kinds for compliance and security purposes.

Entities are matched and screened against their direct and indirect ownership and supply chain relationships

Shipments are screened for controls and restrictions

Artificial intelligence targets illicit activity

  • Reduce false positives and false negatives

    Al-based entity resolution and data linking reduce false positive/negative hits and help overcome the challenge of aliases and shell companies

  • Screen shipments, and not just entities

    The Atlas uniquely enables shipment screening across the dimensions of counterparties, shipment origin and destination, product type, and end use, powering sanctions, dual-use, IPR, and dangerous goods compliance from one platform.

  • Keep up with a rapidly changing compliance environment

    The Atlas maintains real-time updates from the world's trade enforcement and tariff policies, restricted party lists, and other compliance requirements.

Supply Chain Security Mapping and Monitoring

Gain a dynamic, global, multi-tier view of supply chains critical to national security, public health, and important infrastructure.

Creates a living multi-tier view of the value chains of sensitive industries and products

Identifies business continuity, security, and climate threats to these supply chains

Provides ongoing monitoring and alerting as the supply chain and threats evolve

  • One source of truth

    The Altana Atlas is a canonical map of the global supply chain and business relationships

  • Integrate a single view of risk

    Integrate internal and third party data and analytics onto company, location, and product nodes in the graph to gain a customized, unified view of risk

  • Never go stale

    The Atlas is constantly evolving as it regularly processes data from both public and non-public shipping, business registration, and other datasets

Examples of our solution in action

Countering fentanyl trafficking through AI

Case Study: Altana proves an AI approach can modernize border targeting for international narcotics trafficking.