Altana Atlas for

Global Trade

Automated HS Code Classification

The Atlas automatically generates HS classifications from product master data and shipment data.

  • Works across different languages and countries
  • Robust to poor data quality
  • Continuously improves based on expert feedback
  • Do more with less

    Free up time and focus on the toughest classification challenges by automating more than 80% of classifications

  • Classify everything, anywhere

    Work across both documents and digitized inputs to classify into any trade lane, in any language group.

  • Audit existing classifications

    Ensure compliance, draw back over-paid duties, and screen imports for revenue assurance.

Forced Labor Compliance

The Altana Atlas illuminates potential exposure to forced labor in upstream supply chain networks. 

  • Screens your vendors and their upstream suppliers
  • Traces your product value chains to forced labor threats
  • Constantly evolves as the supply chain evolves
  • Demonstrate reasonable care & diligence

    Automated due diligence and admissibility reporting from the Atlas can be shared with counsel and with regulators.

  • Collaborate with your supply chain

    Connect, collaborate, validate information, or take mitigating action through the Altana Atlas with your Tier-1 and multi-tier network. 

  • Stay on top of changes in the supply chain and regulations

    The Atlas is a living, dynamic model of the supply chain network, integrating every trade restriction worldwide on an ongoing basis.

AI-Powered Trade Facilitation

The Altana Atlas accelerates the flow of goods across borders by enabling the expedited customs clearance of safe and trustworthy shipments.

  • Profiles the sender and receiver of every shipment in real-time
  • Validates customs classifications
  • Provides an AI-powered “Trusted Shipment Score” to identify safe, compliant, and trustworthy shipments for expediting.
  • Speed up the border

    Pre-clear shipments through customs, eliminating hours and even days of delivery time on the cross-border movement of goods.

  • Enhance border security and revenue collection

    Identify shipments involving sanctioned geographies, corporations, and individuals, as well as dangerous goods, dual-use goods, or other shipment restrictions. 

  • Enable public-private partnership

    Through the Altana Atlas, logistics providers and importers can voluntarily share information and risk signals with customs authorities and gain trade facilitation benefits.

Examples of the Altana Atlas in global trade

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