Altana Debuts Next Generation Altana Atlas

By Altana Technologies
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October 5, 2023: Today, Altana debuts its next generation Altana Atlas, the only dynamic, intelligent map of the global supply chain. The Atlas empowers businesses, governments, and logistics providers with unprecedented visibility, understanding, and command of their supply chains, transforming their approach to global commerce from one that is typically reactive, vulnerable, and fragmented into one that is proactive, resilient, and integrated. 

The Atlas applies artificial intelligence to a vast network of public and private data – the largest, organized, connected body of supply chain data in the world – to help customers see across the global supply chain, automate trade compliance, detect national security threats, eliminate forced labor, measure and manage their environmental impact, detect real time risks and opportunities, and collaborate internally and externally on all of it.

The new version of the Atlas positions each customer’s supply chain data inside a dynamic, bottom-up view of the global supply chain network. The enriched data then feeds into a range of downstream use cases and workflows powered by artificial intelligence and collaboration. Executives can ask sweeping strategic questions of their supply chain networks to reveal risks and opportunities. Sourcing and procurement professionals can collaborate with their direct and indirect suppliers to proactively avoid supply interruptions and ensure they are meeting ethical standards. Compliance professionals can automate routine tasks and stay ahead of an increasingly complex and volatile global regulatory landscape.

“Climate change, geopolitical competition, inflation, and an explosion of regulations and industrial policies are reshaping the global economy. The public sector is struggling to govern supply chains, and the private sector is struggling to keep up,” said Evan Smith, co-founder and CEO of Altana. “Our new Atlas creates a unified product experience across our government, logistics, and enterprise customers, and - more importantly - provides them with a shared, extensible, AI-first platform for building more sustainable, resilient, and secure supply chains.”

The new Altana Atlas builds on its dynamic map and artificial intelligence trained on the world’s largest supply chain dataset. Key features include:

  • Dynamic, multi-tier visibility and monitoring: Unlike every traceability, compliance, risk management, or sustainability point solution product employing supply chain “mapping,” the Atlas is the world’s only dynamic, canonical map of the supply chain. As the supply chain evolves, so does the Atlas. The Atlas cleans and unifies each customer’s supply chain data to provide an integrated view of suppliers, products, material categories, shipments, and compliance activity - all connected to their multi-tier supply chain networks. Every customer’s map dynamically updates based on real-world supply chain activity, is traceable through time as networks evolve, and is interoperable with the other users of the Atlas. Real-time global event monitoring that is directly related to each customer’s specific supply chain network provides immediate, relevant awareness around risk and opportunity. 
  • Information and insights specifically for your organization: No more generic analytics, disconnected data, and irrelevant alerts. The new Atlas applies artificial intelligence to deliver tailored insights and recommendations in the context of your organization and supply chains. Custom dashboards across the Atlas empower you to generate and share your own analysis, KPIs, and insights across all of the underlying intelligence in the Atlas. And you can now easily overlay your own data and analytics, including third-party commercial data, onto your supply chain master data and multi-tier networks in the Atlas. 
  • Simplified analysis and decision-making: The Atlas now provides faster and more flexible answers through a large language model-driven natural language assistant. For example, users can ask in plain language for details on suppliers associated with the highest revenue that may be at risk because of a recent natural disaster. 
  • Shared intelligence and collaboration across silos: The Atlas helps to break down  internal and external silos on the supply chain. The Atlas brings internal sourcing, procurement, supply chain management, trade, compliance, risk management, and logistics users into a shared, collaborative map. External collaboration - between suppliers, regulators, insurers, and more - is facilitated by a common operating picture and unified product experience across the Atlas.

The next generation Altana Atlas will begin a phased rollout this month and continue into Q1 2024.

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