Globalization 2.0

Trusted Networks

A new era of globalization is upon us: rather than the opaque and insecure supply chains generated by the outsourcing of the last 75 years, we must embrace a new paradigm of Trusted Networks built on a shared source of truth. By forming and maintaining Trusted Networks, it will be possible to better coordinate demand and supply, to build resilient supply chains, to make sustainable products, and to form public-private partnerships toward shared objectives.

Powering Trusted Networks

Our vision is Globalization 2.0: a globalization defined by Trusted Networks, which span and connect nation states, businesses, and civil society in resilient, secure, sustainable, and inclusive global business networks.

Our Team

Working together to realize Globalization 2.0

Our Leadership

  • Evan Smith

    Co-Founder, CEO

  • Raphael Tehranian

    Co-Founder, COO

  • Peter Swartz

    Co-Founder, Chief Science Officer

  • Ian Cadieu

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Jonathan Prince

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Aaron Libbey

    EVP, Sales and Business Development

  • Amy Morgan

    VP, Head of Trade Compliance

  • Erringer Helbling

    VP, Federal

  • Mike Smith

    Head of Financial Services Technology

  • Kathleen Ragelis

    VP, People

  • Shwetabh Mittal

    VP, Product

Advisory Board

Our advisory board includes eminent leaders in international trade, law enforcement, defense and intelligence, logistics, insurance, finance, and product management.

  • Alan Bersin

    Chairman of Advisory Board

  • Khoo Boon Hui


  • Lanny Breuer


  • Amy Chang


  • Anne Glover


  • Matthew Jackson


  • Thomas Keane


  • Tobias Larsson


  • Dawn Meyerriecks


  • Lisa Robins


  • Webb Stevens


  • Jack Sullivan


  • Greg White


Founded in 2018

Backed By Premier Venture Capital Investors