Billions of Data Points, One Atlas

The Single Source of Truth on the Global Supply Chain

Data Transformation

Your data is harmonized and connected to a living map of the global supply chain.

Know What Matters

Your products

Search millions of product profiles

Trace your product value chains

Map your sustainability footprint

Your shipments

Match shippers and receivers to entity master data in real time

Automate HS classification

Screen shipments with Altana's Trusted Shipment Ratings

Your importers and exporters, suppliers and customers

Search and match against 400 million company profiles

Map the supply chain and trading network of every company

Gain a 360-degree view of business interruption, financial, event, ESG, and cyber risks for every company

Your facilities

Know the exact addresses and geolocations of every supply chain facility

Distinguish between corporate headquarters and billing addresses and the true supply chain locations

Map the flows of goods in and out of every facility

Your supply chain

Explore 400 million companies and their ownership structures, connected by billions of shipments across the supply chain

Connect to a living map of the supply chain network to gain multi-tier visibility

Integrate internal and third party company data, risk data, and reference data onto a single source of truth for your supply chain network