The Altana Atlas

Know What You Don't Know

An AI model of the global supply chain providing mission-critical answers about transactions, companies, and business networks.

Global Visibility and Business Identification

  • Billions of transactions, online activity, shipments, business registrations, and more data covering global business activity
  • Multi-tier supply chain relationships and corporate ownership structures
  • All resolved in clean business profiles for nearly 400 million companies

A Unified View of Supply Chain Risks

  • AI-powered targeting of compliance risks, supply chain operating risks, ESG risks, and more
  • Signal from a global network of supply chain, government, and business data
  • All delivered in a unified view of risk across companies, transactions, and networks

Billions of data points, one Atlas

The Altana Atlas is powered by the world’s most comprehensive knowledge graph of the global supply chain. We bring together data fusion, expert rules on supply chain risk and compliance, and artificial intelligence to illuminate global business networks and build supply chain resilience.

Global Visibility

Billions of transactions, online activity, global shipment activity, business registrations, and more data covering hundreds of millions of companies. All unified in a single knowledge graph.

Expert Rules

Tens of thousands of expert rules on supply chain risk, ESG risks, and compliance requirements. All powered by natural language processing and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence

A suite of machine learning systems to target known risks, illuminate unknown and anomalous threats, and automate routine operations. All trained across a global network of data that could never be brought together directly.

The Altana Atlas employs federated learning to provide shared intelligence without data sharing.

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How To Use The Atlas

The Atlas


Connect to the Altana Atlas via APIs and injectable UIs that integrate into your existing workflows.

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Integrate the Altana Atlas to your supply chain data and glean custom insights.

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Power your 3rd party supply chain service, application, or solution with the Altana Atlas.

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